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Teenagers in the modern world

Adolescent world as we perceive the world in a very original and its existence had always been the talk of every circle. In the period of human life, that is, when the most vulnerable, because they now live in the midst of physical and psychological development is very fast.Rona their lives as a metropolis full of color.

We need to realize that youth is the figure of a labile, easily played udder. Although they look ripe, but in terms of psychic, they are not yet able to say today, have not been able to be responsible. We can see how their tendency to change things. Ranging from hair fashion, clothing and shoes.

When asked why they follow certain trends, the response is instantaneous. Careless and irresponsible. Most only a response because of the prestige alone, went with his friend, wants to be called modern slang, and others almost none of the answers that lead to the utility function.

The mentality of the moment as this is shaped by global media. All products tested in the hope that his dream come true artist wanted to look like a hero Though, to be honest, they only pretended to give tips perfection of the body, which essentially is purely commercial.

As a result, teens are now in the modern world of pretense. Ironically, they believe in pretense. Every day they were treated to 99% tipi spectacle that contains the same pretext of lies and gossip that really fool rather than educate. Events such as tipi labeled VHS movies, sitcoms, soap operas or infotainment Take every day they serve a variety of irony that very claim. They all offer a glamorous lifestyle of luxury, free and promiscuity. The counter-ideology in society that most religious. Ironically again, the impression that the hard sell on the market, also known as the audience favorite and the main star was not used as a model that imaginary no apparent reason. Likewise, ads that offer a complete cure and ‘wow’ lifestyle with a clip free moral claim also laden.

In a world of pretense did not know the term believe it or not, there is only a superficial pleasure. Viewers of “forced” to believe the various impressions that sometimes must be stirred even their own emotions carry over to dreamland. No wonder that teens are tempted by the world of pretense dream body, desire, as a model in commercials and movies. Even if there is a miracle, and also want their teens. This is the world of pretense.

The impact is not playing a variety of criminal activities in the form of free sex, abortion and teen violence in the world for ‘education’ from the world of pretense. For example too much, teenagers are now able to have children, thanks to, inter-campus MBA fight that desperate fight to the death, a maniac with a motorcycle gang of brutal and sadistic terrorizing citizens, etc.. As a result, mental wrack strewn everywhere, hunger is rampant, the gap between rich and poor is widening. Corrupt, steal, fight, kill, rape, casual sex, etc. is no longer a disgrace, is considered mediocre even be considered entertainment, just simple.

No wonder if Neil Postman in his book “Amusing Ourselves to Death,” writes that the average man today continues to entertain us to death! This is because the shape of the tent intended for entertainment and not educational institutions.

So for your own self-adolescents, adults should be thinking, critical steel and mentally.Teens today need to have a high consciousness of consciousness, not just tagging along or imitate everything the mass media, especially broadcast TV. Whereas, the admiration of world leaders excessive pretensions, not only cause frustration, but also shape the attitudes of mental inferiority, was not satisfied with what you have, whether clothing, beauty or body. This attitude will lead consumerist lifestyles and deprivation.

In fact, there are times in our lives when we feel and experience in brief moments full of doubts. The reason why so many people who feel good about life is low, appearance, skill and ability is because they spend too much time comparing ourselves with the world of TV heroes claim.

One thing we have to remember, “teens are the parents in the days to come” Therefore, be sure that every second passes without a positive activity. The future will be more and more challenges. The future requires creative teens who are ready to pedal faster boats, dared to challenge the waves and be ready to deal with the current era of rapid globalization.

“Do not think about the fun, but think about how to fight for pleasure. Do not think of heaven, but think about how to do good deeds. Knows that the path to heaven is lined with points and take the road to hell is lined bread

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