Teenagers in the modern world

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Adolescent world as we perceive the world in a very original and its existence had always been the talk of every circle.┬áIn the period of human life, that is, when the most vulnerable, because they now live in the midst of physical and psychological development is very fast.Rona their lives as a metropolis full of color. Baca selengkapnya…


Importance of Sex Education for Teens

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As we know, adolescence is the transition from child to adulthood. Starting from age 12 to 24 years. There are several things to note when you talk about sex to teenagers. Some teenagers effectively that sex was fun, there’s no pain, very happy, so no matter which must be scared to try. They think sex is simply about sex acts accompanied by birahi, and some teenagers who think that the mix by putting a young person assessed their sexual experiences, so there is an opinion like this, “sex is something interesting to try”. Baca selengkapnya…